About Us

Geometry Inc. is a design and fabrication studio located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We provide creative services to organizations and individuals. From sketchbook to SketchUp, we take your design from a sketch to a 3D Model. We then prototype and fabricate using steel, wood, glass, paint, fiberglass and more.

John Wenzel

I’ve always cycled from hands-on creative work like sculpture and construction to mind-work like math and programming. My hope is that this company will offer me opportunities to work in many regions of that spectrum.

My work has included fabrication for museums and visitor centers, web development, art painting and home renovation. My hobbies are computer programming, art and math…. and tinkering.


When it comes to design, it is difficult not to mention Frank Lloyd Wright. The picture here is part of the porch ceiling on his Kentuck Knob house in Pennsylvania. The whole house design is based on hexagons. So cool.

We are inspired by great design and sound design principles. Truth-to-materials is important as is elegance in function. We work smart. We believe, when it comes to new designs, what is easily done is not worth doing.